About Michael Chhabra

Michael Chhabra is a Washington DC-based law professional with experience in business, criminal, and tort law. He works to deliver a better experience to victims of defective drugs and medical devices.

Through his father, Michael got involved with the world of business at a young age and quickly developed a passion for improvement and an interest in the field of law. Michael attended Ohio State University, earning his BS in business administration. Not long after, he and his father worked together on revitalizing a call center business, leveraging it to bring in leads for law firms and exiting with $4 million.

Though he thought he might become a criminal lawyer, he instead moved towards tort law, looking to leverage his expertise to help people gain the medical help they deserved. He approaches the practices he works on with a business-oriented mindset, helping them gain acclaim and provide the best service possible. For clients undergoing difficult legal battles, it’s important to ensure that they’re treated with the utmost respect.

Now, Michael has evolved his business ventures into partnerships with four DC-based law firms, empowering them with the tools to better build relationships with clients and work on their behalf.

Visit his law blog at michaelchhabra.net.

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